Mr Parmar is an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in conditions of the upper limb which consists of the shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist. He runs his practice through a number of hospitals with highly specialised teams to give advice and treat a variety of orthopaedic conditions.

These include:

Arthritis. Rotator Cuff pain. Shoulder Stiffness and Frozen shoulder. Elbow Stiffness. Sports Injuries of the upper limb, Shoulder Instability and dislocations. Impingement. Tennis and Golfers Elbow. Dupuytrens’ Contracture. Trigger Finger. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (compression of median nerve). Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (compression of ulna nerve). Ganglions.

Some of the surgeries that Mr Parmar can offer are:

Arthroscopic surgery (keyhole). Rotator cuff repair. Acromioclaviclar Joint
(ACJ) excision. Capsular release. Subacromial Decompression. Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisations. Latarjet Procedure. Computer Navigated Shoulder Replacements. Elbow replacements. Elbow Arthroscopy. Tennis and Golfers elbow release. Ulna Nerve Release. Carpal Tunnel Decompression. Trigger Finger Release. Trapeziectomy. Dupuytrens Contracture release including Xiapex.


Mr Parmar runs a busy medicolegal practice through a number of venues around the northwest of England and Wales. He has been writing reports and having regular medicolegal clinics since 2014. He has experience of claimant, defence and joint reports.

He is a subeditor of OPiL Bond Solon Medco training

He utilises his experience of working in a specialist centre to report on trauma and upper limb conditions.

His current turnaround time for reports is 1-2 weeks after seeing the client if all records are available at time of appointment.

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